Faculty-Led & Custom Programs

UTEC develops Faculty-Led & Custom Programs for groups of foreign students and professors interested in acquiring deeper knowledge about Peru in subjects associated to the SDGs, which may be addressed through engineering, sciences, innovation, technology and education.

These academic programs include lectures about specific subjects, to be determined by mutual agreement and according to the interest of the visitors. Lectures are generally conducted by resident professors at UTEC, or partly, through co-teaching options, if needed. The programs may also include visits to large national and transnational corporations based in Peru and other government and private organizations, as well as cultural activities. These visits greatly complement the content of the lectures and sessions.

The programs are delivered at UTEC Campus in Lima and in Peru’s main cities. They may range from one to eight weeks in duration and can be organized at any time during the year to accommodate visitors’ needs.

For further information, please contact our office at international international@utec.edu.pe