Sustainable and Innovative Solutions for Peruvian Water-Related Challenges

The Program aims to introduce students to Peruvian water-related challenges and provide technical and educational knowledge. The program covers a variety of geographical areas and a large spectrum from urban to rural populations covering different socio-economic segments of the country. The program focuses on the challenges of drinkable/potable water and possible sustainable low cost solutions.

It is a hands-on experience in which students will be in direct contact with different communities. The one-week program will tackle the water challenge dividing it into 3 main categories: Theoretical workshops, laboratory experiments and field visits.

The program also enhances collaborative work amongst international students in interdisciplinary groups and at the same time contributing to create tools for the local community and the public at large. This program also examines the Peruvian culture and illustrates a global challenge on how to best obtain and supply clean water.

This is a chance to work with a multinational team in diverse contexts, providing practical solutions to current and future water-related challenges poor urban and rural communities in Peru. This program is a good match for students who want to better understand the world, develop intercultural skills and discover a new culture and country.

Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete this program should be able to:

  • Understand Peru´s water challenges and work on potential sustainable solutions.
  • Critically analyze issues on a local and global level.
  • Identify the economic, environmental & social aspects of sustainability.
  • Learn major technologies for water treatment and supply.

Student profile

This program is especially targeted towards students with a science, technology and/or engineering background.

Language requirements

The program will be taught in English. Interactions with local communities will be conducted in Spanish.


At the end of the program a certificate of participation will be given to the student.

Program fees

Program Fees Confirmation Fee: USD 150.00

Program Fee: USD 1,800.00

Important Dates


Important Dates

Two programs open for 2020. Dates:

Beginning of June

Beggining of August

Tentative Program Dates

Day 1 : UTEC campus, introduction to workshop

Day 2 - 4: full day workshop in Lima

Day 5 - 6: full day workshop in surrounding communities

Application Deadline:

April 3rd, 2020


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