Tech Mission to Silicon Valley 11 - 16 April 2022

“Embark on a STEM trip to the innovation and technology global hub”

Silicon Valley, California is the global hub of high-tech innovation, capitalism, and social media; where thousands of tech start-ups are located and it is the headquartering of plenty of the largest high-tech companies in the world such as Google, Apple, Tesla, Amazon Go, Plug & Play and many more, which makes it one of the most high-profile ecosystems for innovation and scientific development worldwide. 

This Tech Mission looks to spark the next generation of UTEC engineers, computer scientists, data scientists, and digital managers in the digital arena by interacting and gaining insights with some of the world’s biggest and most influential tech companies and by networking with industry leaders.

Tech Mission highlights: 

  • ► Earn a Global certification from UTEC

  • ► Company visits

  • ► University visits

  • ► Expert Talks

  • ► Wrap-up discussions

  • ► Expand your network.

Some of the companies and universities, you can visit

Deadline to complete the form and uploaded the documents January 20, 2022. Until 23:59hrs (Lima time).



Cost of the program

Price includes


  • ► Current undergraduate students at UTEC and will be enrolled in the semester 2022-1 to be part of this program.

  • ► Current undergraduate students at UTEC must possess a 13.00 GPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) or better.

  • ► Have 80 approved credits (If at the time of registration, you do not have these credits, since you are about to complete them this semester 2021-2, you will be considered)

  • ► The program will be developed in Spanish and English language, therefore the participant is required to have a B2 level, to participate you must submit one of the following certificates:

    • *TOEFL iTP
    • *TOEFL iBT
    • *IELTS
    • *CAE
  •        or prove that you are studying in one of the following centers, presenting proof of study:

  • *Conversa Academics
  • *ICPNA
  • *Británico
  • *Centro de Idiomas Católica 
  • *Centro de Idiomas Universidad del Pacífico
  • ► Valid visa for the United States of America (Students who do not have a visa must apply for their visa in advance and the Internationalization Office will provide them with a presentation letter for this program)
  • The following participants are ineligible: UTEC students, who are not enrolled during this semester or who do not intend to enroll the following semester, as well as, who have one or more serious disciplinary sanctions or suspension from university and/or have outstanding debts to the institution or who are at academic risk.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently on a Leave of Absence, you are not eligible to participate in this program. All students must be in good academic standing at time of participation in this program


Cost of the program

Program 6 days - USD 3900*

To open the program, we require a minimum number of  15 confirmed participants

  Dates Cost
Registration January 24, 2022 US$ 200
1st payment January 31, 2022 US$ 1.300
2nd payment February 15, 2022 US$ 1.200
3rd payment March 07, 2022 US$ 1.200
  • Special considerations!

  • The participant may cancel their participation in the program until January 31, 2022 and the consideration paid will be reimbursed, deducting from it thirty percent (35%) for administrative and operational expenses. After January 31, 2022 there will be no refund.

  • UTEC is not responsible for public health measures that may affect the event or that occur due to fortuitous causes beyond its control or force majeure such as restrictions on mobilization, quarantines or prohibitions of assembly in public spaces. If due to fortuitous causes or force majeure the event had to be canceled, the Registration Agreement will be terminated, and UTEC must return the consideration paid, deducting 35% from it for administrative and operational expenses.

Price includes

  • ► Visit to Google Campus
  • ► Visit to Apple Park Visitor Center
  • ► Visit to Amazon Go
  • ► Visit to Facebook, Paypal, CISCO and NVIDIA
  • ► Visit to Incubator Plug & Play
  • ► Visit to Steve Jobs’ house
  • ► Visit to Stanford University and talk with a Stanford professor on entrepreneurship issues. Includes visit to the first Google server.
  • ► Visit to the University of Berkeley and talk with a Berkeley professor about how a company can receive funds from investors.
  • ► Visit to the Electric Car Agency Tesla Motors and Lucid Motors: talk with engineers.
  • ► Visit to STORE B8TA, a retail company and presentation center for consumer electronics and other innovative products.Networking event, business meeting with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.
  • ► 5 nights in a double or triple room shared in a superior hotel in the San Francisco airport area, strategic location for scheduled visits. Includes daily breakfast type American.
  • ► Reception at the San Francisco airport and airport-hotel-airport transfers in regular service. (Only those who arrive at the indicated time of the program).
  • ► Transfers in regular service, as well as access to all the places to visit indicated in the program. In addition, guide, assistance all the time.

Price does not include:

  • ► Round-trip ticket
  • ►International insurance
  • ►Lunch and dinners
  • ►Visa application costs